Welcome to ETC Odyssey, where we present a Ethereum Classic (ETC) Idle/RPG airdrop game dApp experience. Register to play with a small fee using a compatible Ethereum Classic dApp browser wallet. Upgrade your ships to avoid raiders looking to steal your Dark Matter & Star Dust. Fuse in game StarDust for a percentage of the pot or convert your StarDust for ONEX Network tokens sent with 1 transaction to your wallet.



We are in Beta testing ETC Odyssey and also so we can grow a bigger community of players once deployed on Ethereum Classic mainnet. Right now you have the choice of playing on Ropsten Testnet or Kotti Testnet. Ropsten is a Etherum testnet and Kotti is a Ethereum Classic testnet.



Play ETC Odyssey on Ropsten or Kotti test network.
For wallet details and how to get Testnet tokens Read More


Here at ETC Odyssey we would like you to have a less confusing game play. This is why we have made complete docs of game play, please take the time to read if your going to play.





General Questions

Registration cost to play ETC Odyssey?

Register to create a new ship to begin playing. You are required to deposit a minimum amount of 0.1ETC which is converted into Dark Matter.


There are 4 upgradable ship parts that have 10 levels. Each level increases Star Dust and Dark Matter production rates and also have unique bonuses.

Why upgrade your Thrusters?

Upgrading your thrusters will increase your accumulation speed and decrease your warp cooldown, allowing you to raid more quickly. You can only conduct raids when the wrap cooldown resets and so upgrades of Thrusters will allow you to raid at a fast rate. The cost will be deducted from your DM stockpile. If your DM is too low then the remainder will be taken from your SD stockpile.

Why upgrade your Blasters?

Upgrading Blasters Increases potential damage done during raids and the chance of successfully lowering your opponent's HP to 0.

The chart below shows the chances based on atk level and opponent hp.

On the left we have damage values per level of blasters, on the y-axis we have levels of hull and shields (both go up by 50 each level for a max defense of 1000). The difference between shields and hp is that shields increase while players are AFK while hp needs to be repaired. The percentage is the chance of reducing the enemy hp to 0. For a level one there's a 58% chance of beating another lv 1 player but taking on a higher level opponent is impossible in some cases. So we take a random number between 0 and that atk value on the left and if its higher than hull+shields then you get the resources from them.

Why upgrade your Hull?

Increases HP and storage capacity. Storage protects your resources from raiders while HP increases the damage your ship can take during raids. HP can only be repaired by spending ETC in the Repair window. The cost will be deducted from your DM stockpile. If your DM is too low then the remainder will be taken from your SD stockpile.

Why upgrade your Shields?

Upgrading your shields increases SP (Shield Points). SP protects your ship from raiders and unlike HP, regenerates over time. Upgrading will increase your accumulation speed and increase your max shields, allowing you to raid more quickly. The cost will be deducted from your DM stockpile. If your DM is too low then the remainder will be taken from your SD stockpile.



There are 2 main resources, Star Dust and Dark Matter. Both increase at a steady rate based on your ships upgrades.

Dark Matter

Dark matter is used exclusively for purchasing upgrades and can be additionally bought in exchange for Ethereum Classic (ETC).

Star Dust

Star Dust can be used to purchase upgrades and can be also converted into a share of game profits using the "fusion" function. While fused you may earn a percentage of ETC generated by the game equal to your fused amount divided by the total fused amount. Additionally, Star Dust can be converted directly into ONEX tokens at a rate of 200,000 SD to 1 ONEX.


Generate Dark Matter

Ethereum Classic (ETC) can be converted into (DM) Dark Matter to help purchase upgrades like Thrusters, Blasters, Hull or Shields.

Generate ONEX

Star Dust can be converted directly into ONEX tokens at a rate of 200,000 SD to 1 ONEX. This process insures a fair airdrop of ONEX Network tokens to crypto community that would like to take part in dApp game.



Raiding other players is a quick way to earn more Star Dust but comes with a couple of risks. Each time you raid your warp drive becomes inactive and enters cooldown mode. The time it takes to cooldown is dependent on the level of your thrusters. Once a raid is started you will battle with a random ship. Your ship will try to reduce the enemy's hull integrity to 0 while the enemy fights back. Damage is done to the hull only after shields are at 0%. Hull integrity is only replenished from repairs while shields regenerate over time based on the shield level.



Fusing Star Dust allows you to earn a percentage share of ETC in the contract. When you fuse you must wait 24hrs before withdrawing your share. Once your share is withdrawn you will lose all fused Star Dust in exchange for ETC.


Repairing Ship

Repair is needed when your Shields have been attacked to the point there is 0 left and your Hull storage was affected by attacks. Hull integrity (HP) is only replenished from repairs by spending ETC. Cost of full repair of Hull integrity depends on your level.


Referral System

Referring players allows you to increase the proportion of SD:DM collection. By default, this is 40% Star Dust and 60% Dark Matter but this can increase to a rate as high as 70:30. While SD and DM can be used interchangeably for upgrades, having a higher percentage of SD allows you more options such as converting to ONEX or getting a higher percentage of ETC profits.


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